Company Profile

We are a highly integrated with electronic, communication, and wireless web, high-tech design service company. Adhering to the"innovation, fashion" principle, we provide unique and competitive solutions for customers. At present, We have provided smart audio solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Ali Smart and Baidu Dueros solutions. We also provide Bluetooth stereo headset, Bluetooth stereo speakers, Bluetooth audio adapters and other wireless audio multimedia mature solutions. At the same time, In Bluetooth area, we have developed bluetooth modules which can be easily integrated with other products, Smart phone such as Iphone or android mobile phone can easily communicate with it by customized design App, and provide sport、medical and heath control, home electronic appliances control modern fashion life scenes.



About Us



We advocate “Innovation, Professional, Integrity, Standardized” enterprise culture.  We recognizes the people will make our company’s future success. We hope the people who are smart and determined to john us.  We                 favor ability over experience and education                     background.


  • Focus on the user and market
  • oncentrate to do every things well
  • Endless pursuit

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2016- Wukong has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.

2016- We provide smart audio solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Ali Smart, and other solutions.

2015 - Company developed many bluetooth mdoules to meet market requirements.